What is MLH Local Hack Day : Learn & How to Participate?

Even if you don’t know to code — you can use Local Hack Day as an opportunity to learn some programming skills and can attend various workshops…

Local Hack Day : Learn

What is Local Hack Day : Learn

Local Hack Day: Learn is an opportunity to spend a week focused on learning the skills you’ve always wanted to tackle. In accepting this quest, you are in for an adventure featuring workshops, fun mini-events, challenges, panels, and more. These will help you to earn experience points no matter what level of hacking you are at, whether it’s writing your first lines of code or creating a multi-faceted project.

Why participate in Local Hack Day : Learn?

LHD : learn (local hack day) is a week-long hackathon by Major League Hacking. In this week-long adventure journey you tackling new skills, exploring different realms of technology, championing exciting projects, meet new hackers, you will also get an awesome opportunity to build valuable connections, wins amazing gifts and swags, you can talks from community leaders, there’s sure to be something you will find interesting, and there’s a lots of fun in this journey.

This hack day is for everyone whether you're a beginner or expert it doesn't mean. It’s for everyone.

Who can attend Local Hack Day?

As i already said, its for everyone all are welcome to attend and participate in Local Hack Day no matter you experience level and student status. Minor 13 and over are welcomed to attend with a parent’s permission.

How to participate in local hack day?

To participate in Local Hack Day : Learn, you have to complete following steps :

  • First, you have to register on the main event page - https://localhackday.mlh.io/.
  • After completing the registration, you have to fill the swag form, where you will be asked about your basic details like your name, email address, year of graduation, etc. Be sure to fill in all the required information accurately.
  • Now, you have to complete/update the Address form, where all your MLH swags will be delivered. You are required to fill this form only once. So, if you have earlier filled this form for any other event of MLH, no need to fill it again.
  • After completing all the above steps, you can now proceed to their discord server, and make sure to follow their instructions and to join a guild according to your interest. If you want to join our DEVSTRONS guild select DEVSTRONS from guilds. If you don’t join any guild, then you will be assigned one automatically.

How does it Work?

  • After completing all the registration challenges, now, you are part of a guild, which is a group of fellow hackers, where you can ask your queries, help others in the community, complete challenges, and can have a lot of fun!! So, be sure to choose a guild wisely. I recommended you to choose our DEVSTRONS’ guild. 😊 and join our DEVSTR😊NS’ discord server too.
  • During the MLH week, you have a lot of daily and weekly challenges to complete. For daily challenges, you have 24 hours to complete them after they are posted on the site and for the weekly challenges, you can complete them any time throughout the week.
  • There are a lot of beginner-friendly challenges as well. For each challenge, you complete, you earn some points for yourself. Based on the points, you earn after completing challenges, you will be ranked on the leader board.
  • The challenges vary from building a hack to sharing a post on social media i.e. there is something for everyone. The week not only consists of the technical challenges but also of design and social challenges. You will earn points for each challenge, you complete throughout the week.
  • Some workshops will also be organized to help you learn and complete the challenges live on the Twitch stream. So, whenever you face difficulty while hacking, you have something to help you throughout the week.
  • And at last, you will also get to interact with some amazing instructors, fellow participants, and mentors. Be sure to learn something from them and help your fellow hackers, who are facing any difficulty.

Who organized Local Hack Day?

Local Hack Day is organized by Major League Hacking (MLH). MLH mission is to empower hackers worldwide by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed.

How much does it cost?

It is completely free for you to participate in MLH’s Local Hack Day. All you need is a computer to join in on all the fun!

Is there a code of conduct?

I want to make sure that all MLH events are inclusive and safe space for all attendees, organizers, and sponsors. For this reason, the MLH Code of Conduct should be followed throughout the event.

What if I can’t code?

There are Hundreds of hackers who have never coded before will attend LHD: Learn. This event is geared for folks learning to code!

What is the Timeline of Local Hack Day : Learn?

MLH Local Hack Day: Learn happens throughout the year. Recently, it was organized from 10th October 2021 to 18th October 2021. So, be sure to check the official MLH website regularly.

That’s all about the MLH Local Hack Day: Learn. You can also invite your friends and classmates to learn along with them and the cool thing is you also earn points for inviting your friends to this amazing week-long event.

if you have any query than please fell free to ask, i am 😀 to help you!. To ask you query you can reach me here or click on the 👇 links to connect with me :

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